Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indian Corn

Maggie had a play date yesterday and the girls were having a hard time getting into a good playing groove.  I left them alone for a a bit and they played side by side each doing her own thing.  When they got bored with that they began fighting and getting upset that the other wouldn't do what she wanted.   Even though I try not to interfere too much with play dates I could tell the girls need some help figuring it out.

I didn't ask them what they wanted to do, I just told them I was going to get some paints out and was going to go make some Thanksgiving decorations, if they wanted to join me they could.  Maggie helped get the supplies out, but Cassidy didn't seem interested.  Once we sat down to work both girls joined in, I showed them what I thought we could do and everyone began working quietly.  After a few minutes I left the table, I was gone maybe 20 seconds when I heard a lot of giggling coming from the room.  I went to check on them to find them swirling the paint together.  Combing the beautiful orange and yellow with the brown, making a bowl of dull brown paint.

I didn't get as many ears of corn as I had hoped, but the activity definitely changed the tone of the play date, for the better.  It is always good to have a few projects ready to go.  Weather for a play date or just a regular day, having a little activity ready to go can often help get things back on track.

Indian Corn Banner

  • Paints - orange, yellow, red, brown
  • Construction paper - light brown or yellow and green  
  • Q-tips
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
Using the q-tips to make dots cover the light brown/yellow paper, let dry.  While paint is drying cut corn husk shapes out of the green paper.  Once the paint is dry cut out into the shape of an ear of corn.  Glue corn husks onto corn.  Punch hole in top of each ear of corn and thread onto yarn.  

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  1. Too Cute!!! You could also use their fingertips for the dots!!! ;)

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