Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mug Rugs

If you have scrap fabric here is a great way to use it up and make some holiday gifts.  I am making a bunch to give to the kids' teachers, our neighbors and some of my girlfriends.  You can give one with a mug and a few cookies tucked inside or you can give a collection of mug rugs.  I am going to have each kid make one for the grandparents.  This is especially entertaining to me because most of the fabric we are using came from my Mom who cleaned out her fabric stash and gave it on to my oldest daughter as a birthday present.

I have been making my rugs approximately 6x10, but the size can easily be adjusted.  The design options are endless.  Recently I  have been making Christmas themed pictures, but you can do anything.  I like looking through my kids coloring books for simple images.  Coloring books provide a nice breakdown of the image and are great for copying.

Mug are a great beginner quilter project.  You have the opportunity to practice many quilting and applique techniques without having to invest a lot of time and fabric into a larger project.  The end result is a wonderful piece that can be done in an afternoon.

Applique Mug Rug

  • Assorted fabric scraps
  • 2 larger pieces of fabric, approximately 6x10  
  • Light weight fusible interfacing
  • Thin cotton batting
  • Iron fusible interfacing to the back of fabric scraps.  You can either cut your fabric into the desired shape then iron on the interfacing or you can adhere the interfacing, then cut the shapes.  

  • Arrange fabric pieces onto the front of one of the 6x10 pieces of fabric.  This is the time to have fun, cut a variety of shapes in different fabrics and layer the pieces to give texture and detail.  
  • Once you are happy with the arrangement iron the fabric into place.  

  • Stitch pieces into place.  Again this is the time to have fun and to add detail.  The pieces can be stitched along the edges or different stitch types can be used to add design. 
  • Sandwich top, batting and backing.  Keeping the backing and batting slightly larger than the top pin all three layers together.  
  • Quilt three layers together.  Choose a quilt pattern that will help enhance your image, stitch in the ditch, stipple, break out the fancy stitch settings you never use - the choice is yours!

  • Trim edges and add binding.   

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