Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 4 - Snowmen

We had a Christmas party lat night, which meant the kids had a sitter.  Our regular sitter was not available, but she was able to send over a friend.  To help break the ice I went to the craft reserves.  At the end of every season I love to stock up on prepacked Creatology projects at Michael's.  These are great to pull out when play dates need a little help, as last minute birthday gifts, or when new babysitters show up.

I pulled out a kit to make snowmen.  It was one of the larger kits and makes about 50 snowmen, which are great for parties, and was very easy.  I put together a sample, told Maggie she could choose her best one to hang in the window and left having visions of the house covered in snowmen when we returned.  Unfortunately that is not what I got.

This is what I found.

One sad little snowman.  It turns out that the kids love the new sitter and had more fun playing hide-n-go-seek with her than making crafts.  I am happy to have found another great sitter, but I am a little sad about our window.

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