Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinypon Party

This week has been a girl's week. This weekend I hosted a party and caught up with friends, who while I see many of them daily at school, we never enough time to really catch up. Then on Monday the girls each got to invite 3 friends over for a Pinypon party.

This was a new toy to us and the girls were immediately smitten.  These little dolls are absolutely wonderful and the girls had a great time mixing and matching outfits, hairstyles and accessories.

To start the party off the girls went on a little treasure hunt where each of them found their own Pinypon figure to not only play with during the party, but to take home after.  There was a lot of swapping and I don't think any of the girls left with the doll they originally found.  Some had new hair, while other had some new accessories.

After the treasure hunt and accessory swapping I brought out the Pinypon Caravan.  This wonderful house on wheels is the perfect addition and fueled the girls imaginiation even further.

Toward the end of the party I told the girls I had 3 more goodies - another caravan and two Nenuco baby dolls - these could either be raffled off to three of the girls or they could be donated to our local angel tree.  It was definitely a tough choice, but I am proud to say the majority of the girls voted to donate the toys.  While the girls where a little bummed they weren't going to be able to keep the caravan I have the feeling Santa will recognize their thoughtfulness and place a Pinypon toy or two under the tree.

 Thanks to Mommyparties for providing such great goodies!  Check all the Pinypon and Nenuco products - lots of goodies to be found!

DisclaimerI received these complimentary products from a campaign through Mom Select and MommyParties

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soap Carving

Ivory soap always reminds me of my grandmother.  She passed away when I was about 9, but there was always a smell that I always associated with her house.  I never knew what the smell was, but every once in a while I catch a whiff of this scent and think of her.  When I started dating my now husband he always smelled like my grandma, a bit weird at first, but once I realized it was just because of their shared love of Ivory soap it wasn't so weird.

I have now become a big fan of Ivory soap as well.  It is not only a great everyday face and body cleanser, but it can also be used for other purposes around the house. Your can throw flakes in the washing machine, rub it on stains - especially collar stains, use it on sticky drawers or our favorite - soap carving.

It is a great any time of the year, any age project.  We have done soap carving during the summer when we need a distraction during the long summer days and we have done it for a fun Christmas gift.  Because it is a soft soap it is super easy for the kids to carve.  We use wooden manicure sticks, they are the perfect size for little hands and just sharp enough to cut through the soap.

 I usually just let the kids carve away, sometimes they whittle down an entire bar into just a pile of shavings, but most of the time they come up with very unique and interesting shapes. 

I received a sample bar from Influenster and Ivory in a recent MomVox Box campaign, but you can get Ivory at a great price at your local store.   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teacher Gift

I have known since September when the last day of school will be, yet I am always surprised when the last day gets here.  It always sneaks up on me which means I am usually scrambling to pull together an end of year gift for the kids' teachers.  For the past two years I have gone super simple and have had the kids make these wonderfully simple yet special gifts.  Kids of all ages can easily make these and they are perfect gifts for anyone.

The kids love searching for the perfect object to wrap and they can quickly wrap the wire while watching TV or waiting for dinner (in case you are making these the night before the last day of school).  I like to have the kids draw a picture and write a note, but you could also use a picture of your child and her teacher, or just a pretty picture.  Add a gift card and the gift is complete.

To make you need:
  • Rock or piece of bark 
  • medium gage wire
  • pliers or wire cutters

  • Cut an arms length of wire (you can cut any length as long as it will wrap around your object a couple of times)
  • At one end of the wire begin rolling into a small coil, 3-5 turns works best.
  • Starting at the opposite end begin wrapping the wire around your object.  Twist tail around the wire a couple of times to secure.   Continue wrapping until you are a 1/2" from the coiled end.  Point coiled end up, add picture and gift card.

I like to leave the rock plain, but you could also paint the rock or add decorative beads to the wire.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I recently received a free sample of Fresh Sponge by Palmolive.  It has a great scent, does a terrific job on the dishes and leaves my sponge smelling nice.  If you get a chance definitely check it out!

I received this sample from Influenster, another great site if you love trying new products and getting wonderful goodies in the mail.