Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teacher Gift

I have known since September when the last day of school will be, yet I am always surprised when the last day gets here.  It always sneaks up on me which means I am usually scrambling to pull together an end of year gift for the kids' teachers.  For the past two years I have gone super simple and have had the kids make these wonderfully simple yet special gifts.  Kids of all ages can easily make these and they are perfect gifts for anyone.

The kids love searching for the perfect object to wrap and they can quickly wrap the wire while watching TV or waiting for dinner (in case you are making these the night before the last day of school).  I like to have the kids draw a picture and write a note, but you could also use a picture of your child and her teacher, or just a pretty picture.  Add a gift card and the gift is complete.

To make you need:
  • Rock or piece of bark 
  • medium gage wire
  • pliers or wire cutters

  • Cut an arms length of wire (you can cut any length as long as it will wrap around your object a couple of times)
  • At one end of the wire begin rolling into a small coil, 3-5 turns works best.
  • Starting at the opposite end begin wrapping the wire around your object.  Twist tail around the wire a couple of times to secure.   Continue wrapping until you are a 1/2" from the coiled end.  Point coiled end up, add picture and gift card.

I like to leave the rock plain, but you could also paint the rock or add decorative beads to the wire.