Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We had a small party for my daughter's fourth birthday.  It was really just a glorified playdate, but since she has never had a birthday party - she has seen her brother and sister have birthday parties, but as the third she has gotten jipped.  So even though it was really a playdate we called it a party and she was thrilled.

Her one request was to have goodie bags for her friends.  Since it was only five girls this request was pretty easy to fulfill.  I found some cute monster cups at Michael's and with that a theme was born.  There are some really cute monster themed party ideas on line and it would have been fun to go all out, but I resisted the temptation and kept it simple.

With help from her brother and sister Edy drew some crazy monster shapes.  I cut the monster shape onto fabric and ironed on pieces for the face.  A little stitching around the eyes and mouth, a quick sew around the entire body a little filling and they were done.  Super easy and super cute.  The kids had so much fun making the monsters, that we have a rather large monster family still living with us.  They make great stuffies and are a wonderful way to bring your kids drawing to life.