Sunday, December 29, 2013

52 Weeks

I have had a couple of things on my mind recently.  The Photo a Day projects and a show that was on, about 10 years ago, called Craft Corner Death Match.  Many people don't know about this show, as it was only on for a few weeks, but my husband and I loved it.  We wish it was still on, not only for the entertainment of watching it, but because my daughter could be a contestant on it.

I have only recently discovered the various Photo a  Day projects and haven't participated, but I find them inspiring and motivating. I see them as an opportunity to slow down and focus on one element of your life, if only for a few minutes. Some like Fat Mum Slim, provide a prompt for each day while others like the 365 Project simply encourage you to take a photo each day and share it.

In looking at different photo a day projects and prompts and dreaming of the good ol' days of Craft Corner I began thinking about what would happen if these two ideas collided. Making something new everyday seemed impossible, but making something every week seemed a little less intimidating.  So with that I introduce to you Create 52.

The idea is to make something small, nothing big or super time consuming.  It is meant to encourage you to try something new or do something you love, but haven't done in a while.  It is a time to simply take a break from reality.  To take the time for yourself to simply create.  The project should not become time consuming or stressful, but should provide a break from the stress and worries.  I know the first thing I stop doing when life becomes busy are my "fun" projects yet these are the things that help me get through the stressful and busy times.  When I get back to them I feel relaxed and at ease.  So with Create 52 I am giving myself permission to to work on these fun projects and not give up on these things, regardless of what is going on around my.

The details as I envision them right now are as follows:

  • On the 3rd Saturday of each month I will provide a list of prompts for each week of the upcoming month. 
  • Each Monday I will share what I have made and open it up for you to link up what you have made. 
  • The prompts are still a work in progress and I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.  I want there to be variety and to encourage out of the box creative thinking.  I want there to be the opportunity to learn and try new things.  So, some prompts will encourage you to make something specific, like a storage container, while other prompts will encourage the use of a specific medium, like fabric or wood. 
  • There will be structure, but a lot of room for individual interpretation.
I hope you play along and join in the fun.  Having others around will help keep me motivated, make things interesting and provide some inspiration.  If you have any ideas or suggestions please share.  As I said this is a work in progress and look forward to getting some feedback.  

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My oldest daughter loves playing with hair - hers, her sister's, her dolls, her friends - it doesn't matter whose hair it is she is constantly brushing, braiding and combing.  The thing that surprises me is she is really good at it and has been since a really young age. My hair ability begins and ends with a simple ponytail.  Maggie on the other hand can twist, braid and swoop like a pro.  So when a package arrived from Influenster and Suave containing a container of Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse I knew she would be more excited than anybody.  

Like all of Suave's products it not only holds like a dream, but it smells yummy as well.